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Forget Vanish! Mum uses washing up liquid to remove poo stains from baby grows and the results are amazing

ALL parents have been there. Your little one suffers from an “explosion” only to be left sporting clothes completely covered in poop.

This scenario is all too common, with many parents accepting defeat and throwing away any poop-stained clothes, rather than attempting to get it clean again.

Tik Tok

Many parents throw away poop-stained clothes[/caption]

But one mum swears by a simple hack that’ll leave your kids’ clothes completely stain free – and it doesn’t just involve regular clothes detergents either.

Tik Tok mum Lainie Marie Beauty demonstrated the hack in a short clip on the video sharing platform, which has since been watched, and loved, by mums far and and wide.

She captioned the clip, “don’t throw this away!” and shows off a white baby bodysuit with a rather large, and obvious, poop stain front and centre.

Before popping it in the wash, though, the clever mum uses washing up liquid to scrub over the stain, which, surprisingly, removes a fair amount of the colour.

Tik Tok

The mum squeezes the liquid straight onto the stain[/caption]

Tik Tok

And adds water before rubbing the stain[/caption]

After squeezing some of the washing liquid straight onto the stain, she explains: “Add some water and scrub together. You’ll notice the stain start to lift” and throws in in the wash as per normal.

When it’s done, the white fabric has never been whiter with the stain completely gone – as if it never existed to begin with.

Other mums were thankful to say the least, with one commenting on the video saying: “My husband threw one away. Thank God i saw this!!”

Others, however, apply the same trick to their own washing agreeing that washing up liquid works wonders.

The American mum uses Dawn, a local brand, however the UK equivalent is Fairy which has been proven to work wonders on various household chores.

Tik Tok

The stain is completely gone[/caption]

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